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Life is Still Throwing Lemons at my Head, and I’m Determined to Make Lemonade

Sept 28, 2011 (an excerpt from my life in writing)

So today in class we continued the new painting project we started on Monday. I have to keep myself navigating the delicate line between accuracy and intense detail. As an artist who is relatively new to the world of paint (I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon), I have to watch myself. I keep finding myself wanting to go into more and more detail.

My professor is constantly reminding me to “really look” at the objects in front of me, not what I think they look like. She urges us to look at the negative spaces. This is to ensure accuracy; she wants us to let our right brains take over. I tried my best, but I find this challenging.

Everyone in class found this part challenging, but we had fun laughing at ourselves and each other as we gradually found our way. We used each other as a resource to help improve our own works, as well as, the works of others.

With so many easels up, bumping into each other is inevitable but no one takes it personally.

Today I actually introduced color to my paper. After a day and a half of intense gridding, I was tired of drawing (This involved measuring string, drawing and then rinse and repeat). Our professor introduced bright inks and we were  instructed to bring these bright ink washes into our picture plane. At this point I had to really let go because after how anal she was about gridding with precision, she wanted us to let go and go crazy with the washes. “Don’t worry about the drips or local color,” she said, and for once I didn’t fight it.


One response to “Life is Still Throwing Lemons at my Head, and I’m Determined to Make Lemonade

  1. Nell Ruby ⋅

    I appreciate your honesty about the difficulty you’re having, and the work you are doing to be open to the class methods.

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