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Observe / Respond (repeat)

Alright People! Painting two!

OK. For this project the professor let us have even more freedom with the designing of our picture planes. The guidelines this time were that there was to be a fore, middle and background object. We were also to work in the style of one of our classmates. I tried to emulate the style of my friend Vylencia. I liked her bold use of color, as well as, her subtle use of value to model her objects into the 3D plane. Our subjects for this project could be what ever we wanted, so of course I decided to start with research and brainstorming.

I finally decided to do a still life. Because I did not want to fool around with a lot of colors, I chose objects that were white ( well okay one was silver but whatever).

I started gathering objects that I deemed interesting. Then I messed around with their placement until I found a setting that was both interesting as well as doable as far as my skill with watercolor was concerned.

These are different placements I played around with

I also used sketches to help map out what looked best and where to put the focus

I eventually chose this layout

So this is the finished product

I felt that I really improved between this painting and the first! I learned to be patient (it’s still hard to do but I’ve gotten better at it). I also learned to go with the flow. Though I still got frustrated with the medium, I remembered to take a deep breath and walk away and come back, everything worked out fine.

With this painting I tried to go into more detail. I used all of the things I learned about using the water to my advantage and not fighting the watercolor, as a way to further bring my painting to life. It helped that Vylencia’s style was kind of watery, but I think I achieved her subtle variances in color and value as well as her observances of detail without overworking it.

My strength during this project was defiantly my observance of the objects and how the light played off them. My favorite part is the thimble ( I personally think I nailed it!).

So criticisms I received during the class discussion were that In trying to darken the background I ended up creating an unrealistic halo around the ball. It makes it seem spacially that the ball is on the wall instead of in the foreground.

I should also mention that I had so helpful incite during the creation of this work from the professor. I followed here advice to darken the background a lot. Not only that but to use a color that did not appear in the actual photograph. In her words, “You are now working within the painting, and not with reality its okay to go bolder with your background.” So I took a risk and it worked but I did want to give her credit for her guidance.

The one thing that urked me, however, was that i did not notice that the top of the spool of thread was crooked until I had it hung up during the discussion. Oh well! I guess everything can’t be perfect.


One response to “Observe / Respond (repeat)

  1. Nell Ruby ⋅

    Interesting and thorough layout of the process of the making of this painting! Great blend of images and verbal description.

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