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Oh! I Almost Forgot

An ongoing project that our painting professor has us doing is to keep a sketchbook. Personally I think it’s more a doodle book (it’s tiny). For this reason I keep a bigger sketchbook that I feel I can more explore my ideas and process without scrutiny from my professor.

Here is the doodle book.

So Here is some of the stuff I’ve been doing. Realize that this is not everything that I’ve done only the stuff I feel is worthy enough to share.

I thought that I did a pretty good job. Apparently, however, I still have a lot to work on. I believe that the professor maybe wants more in-depth studies done with paint. I figured that drawing and painting went hand-in-hand, and as long as I was paying attention to the lights and variances in value I thought I was fulfilling the assignment….that was until I got my review of my sketchbook back.

The subject of the e-mail was Sketchbooks

[sketchbooks]are ready to pick up. (in the bin on the desk in the room where you dropped
them off this morning) three available grades are: check minus check and
check plus There are two check pluses. Grades are based on the time spent
in actual direct observation. Time spent is clear– A couple of things to
consider: See things according to planes and edges vs. Lines (remember
lines don’t actually exist) don’t worry in this book about composing a
“whole” picture or even a whole subject. Better are moments of careful
observation. Once you get bored with looking, I too will be bored with
looking. I am looking for engaged encounters with how you see light and
planes and forms, and NOT about a finished fruit, tree, composition, page
etc. I am composing an article on this and will post an article on our
class page on wordpress by the end of the week about what to look for in
this kind of assignment. Mostly it’s about seeing with planes of light vs.
seeing with line. In this way a painting from observation “sketch” is very
different from a traditional sketchbook. We had some lovely examples, so
look forward to the post!

Though I did get a check on the assignment, I endeavor to do better. To say that I was disappointed and frustrated is an understatement, however, I’m stubborn, competitive, and thick-skinned. I love challenges, and apparently everything about this class is going to be a challenge. That’s okay. If the class was a cake walk it would be boring. I always excel when challenged. Looks like it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get ready to get my hands dirty…


One response to “Oh! I Almost Forgot

  1. Nell Ruby ⋅

    Can you think about “drawing” or sketching WITH paint? Nice entry on your sense of challenge!

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