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Pomegranate, I am your Father

This is my favorite painting done for this project. It is by my classmate Maria Misiura. It’s really odd and colorful, but most of all I love the detail she achieved with her Darth Vader doll (figurine?). This is the type of realism that I’m striving for. Also love her use of size and proportion as well as her quirky sense of humor that we see throughout her piece.

by Maria Misiura

I love that her painting is wacky but in control. Some criticisms of her work were that the “room” she created was too ordinary to house such wackyness, but I think it works. She obviously spent a lot of time on the details. You see this in her pomegranate seeds (in the back of the painting), in the peel behind Darth’s head, and lastly in the Darth-figure itself. Overall I consider this painting a win. Mostly because it just makes me smile. I mean really, what do pomegranates and Darth Vader have in common?


2 responses to “Pomegranate, I am your Father

  1. Nell Ruby ⋅

    Terrific description of the painting–especially identifying the strengths that hold it together: a winning blend of quirky and control in both technique and subject

  2. I missed this crit (life is using a bazooka at my head!) but I don’t understand the room comment. Just hearing it second hand, I have to say that there is nothing ordinary about this room…… and it totally works with the Vadar image and the pomegranate. Knowing a tiny bit about this fruit I also wonder if there is a secondary story-line.

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