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Side Notations and Doodles

So….This is a follow-up to the previous post. This post deals with the Class discussion itself.

These are the notes I took during the dialog. Note the mannequin looking figure on the top left, it has nothing to do with the discussion but I often doodle during lectures and on my notes and homework. It shows I was paying attention ironically enough.

The other peach looking object was an observation from another classmates painting. I wanted to remember it so I sketched it.


Speaking of things I liked from others works in the class, lets see some examples!

This Painting/Study was done of an apple by Vylencia Morton. She used her Painting more as a study and less as a complete piece. I really enjoyed her bold use of color and subtle variances in tone and value. Her object really feels 3-D and she dissects her work after the painting showing ways to improve.t

So Vylencia did her studies in reverse. She saw mine and others and then decided that she need to show her process.

This is less detailed than her above work but it is still charming. Her half drawn half colored apple was a great hit with the class; We named it the “Snow White Apple” for obvious reasons. In truth I like the simplicity of the Study.


Ellie Spresser also did a very charming painting. Simplicity is once again a favorite feature of mine in her work.

"Irene the radish"

We, the class, named the radish Irene. We discussed the love and care that Ellie seemed to give Irene. How she looked gently placed in the picture frame with her shadow as a loving and constant companion.

I love the Hallmark feel to her work. How she didn’t try to overwork her picture plane with detail. It has just enough shape and life to be recognizable but it almost feels approachable in the way illustrations from a picture book are.


Lexi Wang’s work is by far my favorite done during this project. She also, like Vylencia, did more of a study but she took advantage of her whole picture plane.

I like that she did observations in varying ways.

First with the studying of the orange and then with a breakdown of how the colors and light worked within that object.

As you can see she also took notation like Vylencia but she also has doodles and color splotches showing how colors interact with each other as well as her color pallet.

My favorite observation by her is the color by numbers orange.

Lexi does a more serious  breakdown of color and value.


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