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Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked

So yet another project given by our painting professor. Only this time it’s a paper.

Yes we do  have papers in art class.

Below are the instructions as emailed  to us by the professor

At critique for Painting 3: Wednesday, October 12 I have checked out a bevy
of books (not unlike a gaggle of geese, maybe less noisy) from the library
that are full of paintings. I am interested in you doing some deep looking
at the works to see the way these artists use color as planes to structure
the work. Specifically, write about the idea of SUGGESTION vs. (&?)


As you look at the work consider the
following questions: What sort of color palette is used? Are the colors
bright or muted? Primary or tertiary? What is going on with value? Is there
strong or limited contrast? What is the flow or navigation of your eye
across the page? Can you describe the visual hierarchy or “pieces” of the
painting? Is the way you navigate the page the same as the subject
depicted? For example, does your eye stop and stay contained when you come
across literal objects? If there is a boat, for instance, what is the
relationship of color and value where the edge of the boat (or whatever
object) to the ground that meets it? Is there a variation in the color and
value of the object from one place to another or is it all the same? What
would you say the unifying formal principles of the work are? Is there a
relationship between how the artist is using color, texture, value, light,
line and space to the literal subject he/she is depicting? For example,
does a dark or low contrast value palette inform the visual experience of a
figure with her head bowed? If so, how? “formal”=Form

Part 2: WRITE:

Write a paragraph about the idea of suggestion vs description in your painting.
[depending on the conclusions you reach, the word “versus” may become
words like: or/and/but/with] Use your investigative material evidence to
come to a thesis about how these two words interact in your work.

So, yeah I checked out her “bevy” of books. I have the unfortunate task of choosing between many of my favorite artists (of which Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, and Turner are included).

I have no idea who to choose I love them all. (these are just some examples of their work)

Monet, "Madame Monet and Her Son" also sometimes refered to as the Woman with a Parasol, (1875)

Degas, "Les Danseuses Bleues" or Blue Dancers, (1890)

Van Gogh, "Skull", (1887-88)

Turner, "Slave Ship", (1840)

Maybe. Maybe, I should choose someone new, someone I don’t know anything about? I mean that is the only way to be impartial right?


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