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Children in Art

This is a follow-up post to my post “500 years of Women in Art.”

This video was a response to the “Women in Art” video.

[quote from the maker of this video, Ilkea]

After i saw the “Women in Art” video, i decided to make a video about children. Because the women portraits were changing, but their expression was the same. And children, they are always the same, of course.

Music: Albinoni-Adagio from Oboe Concerto in D minor Op.9 No.2

Paintings: (some are missing but these are the ones given)
1.mary cassatt- little girl in a blue armchair
2.mary cassatt- the sisters
3.james jacques joseph tissot- a little nimrod
4.stephen gjertson- admiration
5.thomas gainsborough- the painter’s daughters with a cat
6.thomas eakins- baby at play
7.william michael harnett- attention company
8.sir joshua reynolds- the brown boy
9.sir thomas lawrence- the calmady children
10.mary cassatt- child in a straw hat
11. ” – children playing on the beach
12. ” – francoise in a square backed chair read (aka young girl reading, young girl in a blue dress)
13.mary cassatt- sarah in a green bonnet
14.sir thomas lawrence- children sir john julian
15.sir joshua reynolds- collina
16.william bouguereau- deux soeurs
17.stephen gjertson- four o’clock
18.john singer sargent- garden study of the vickers children
20.james jacques joseph tissot- hide and seek
21.hans holbein, the younger- edward vi as a child
22.william bouguereau- la bourrique
23.jean-paul laurens- la bas empire honorius
24.gerard ter borch- boy ridding his dog of fleas
25.carlo dolci- magdalene
26.thomas gainsborough- master john heathcote
27.sir thomas lawrence- miss murray
28.anthony van dyck- philedelphia and elizabeth wharton
29.camille pissarro- the shepherdess (young peasant girl with a stick)
30. ”
31.francisco de goya- portrait of maria teresa de borbony vallabriga
32. portrait of child
33.pierre auguste renoir- romaine lascaux
34. ” – girl with a hoop
35. ” – young girl with sheaf
36. ” –
37. ” – child with a whip
38. ”
39. ”
40.stewphen gjertson- sentinels
41.william bouguereau- sur la greve
42.william hogarth- the graham children
43.norman rockwell- the music man
44.francois alfred delobbe- the young musician
45.william dyce- titian’s first painting
46.william bouguereau- two little italian girls by a village
47.emile friant- la lutte
48.eduard manet- the fifer (aka the young piper)
49.sir joshua reynolds- the young fortune teller


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