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Still Playing With Our Food

This post is a follow-up to the previous “Playing With Your Food” and “What Is Art” posts.

Most of our parents have at one time or another said, “Don’t play with your food. Eat it!” But who says you have to? I feel that as artist we live to challenge things. In honor of going against the grain I have dedicated this whole post to playing with your food, because what’s the fun in just eating it?

So the big question is when does food become art? Let’s Dissect this idea.

First off is food art? This guy thinks so (and so do I). This is Food Art made simple. We (the guy in the video and I) are going to ease you into this concept of food as art. Let’s Watch!

Now for something more complicated. Now that we have discussed the main idea in an abstract manner, lets see this theory in action. This video is a play on finger paints (you know that thing you did in kindergarten?). This guy takes BBQ to the next level, proving that you can make art out of just about anything.

Here are some more examples of different types of Food Art. You can see the diversity in medium and inspiration.

Getting Up Close and Personal With Your Food; It’s Food Personified. The biggest thing to remember is to have fun with it, don’t take yourself too seriously the next two video’s didn’t. Look as these two photographers add an edge of whimsy and morbid humor to their masterpieces.

Take it with a Grain of Salt, the idea that maturity is the only way to artistic successes. These next two artists did just that (one literally). These artists are still making it personal but in a more sophisticated and a skillful way. They do this with spices and Cheetos.

Now for something a little more artful. It would hard to prove that this next video is not art. This is actually a sculpture, only with a melon.

These are examples of food as art in a more visual sense. In a way that is both functional and editable. It’s All in the Presentation. Check out these videos.

Our fist example of decoration working simultaneously with function is in that of the Japanese Bento Box.

Bento Boxes are traditional Japanese lunch boxes. Originally made out of wood these boxes were used to conveniently store and transport food. Now, Bento Boxes are still the lunch box of choice in Japan. And although they still make them out of wood, modern materials, such as plastic are used instead. What is interesting, however, is that the modern trend of mothers making elaborate scenes and decoration with the food they put in their children’s lunch boxes. Everything from cute animals to cartoon characters, though this next video takes these ideas to the extreme.

It’s not just your food you get to play with, it’s your drinks too. Watch as these next people take edible art to new heights.

And finally, use everything, including the containers. Watch this man make art out of soda cans.

So you see, art truly is what you make it.


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