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Carving Shapes With Color

October 3, 2011 (An excerpt from my life in writing)

MY PROFESSOR IS NO JOKE. It’s not even funny (see right there, I made a pun).

My art professor is tough. She’s tough and she won’t let up. I know that I’ll probably be a better artist after her class. My professor forces us to go out our comfort zone and she don’t ease us into it either. We are currently working on a project (see post “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”) that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there. First she makes us really sketch out the still lifes. Make us work at them until they were what was really there and not a representation of what we thought to be there (real deep stuff). We had to work with a piece of string to insure our accuracy. Now she wants us to let go and “experiment” using whatever she sprung on us that day (so far that has been ink and gesso). I’m almost afraid to know what she’ll give us next. It’s hard to let go after the amount of precision we spent in the beginning.

I think she is amused with our discomfort. Today she straight up told us that “I know many of you are uncomfortable with this project. Take a picture of  your discomfort and post it on your blogs.”

So. I’m taking her advice. I call this photo “Frustration”


Watch out! It's A Mess

This is not an easy project. It (the project) forces us to go outside our comfort zone (I know I said that already, but I feel it needs to be re-iterated) and work in ways we wouldn’t normally. That does not mean that I am not trying my best. I listen to everything my professor explains and consider everything she has suggested. There has to be a method to her madness, she’s a great professor! So I’ll just have to trust her.

Trust isn’t the problem though. Letting go is.

I know I’ll be a better artist after this class.

No pain, no gain right?


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  1. Nell Ruby ⋅

    I love this post.

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