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Refrigerator Art: Mom Look What I did!

Koren artist, Yeondoo Jung, is a photographer who makes the art of children into something real and tangible in his “Wonderland” series. He dose this without changing any of the proportion or spacial anomalies that the child drew.

Country of Korea

"Country of Korea"

[Excerpt from,

For four months, Jung oversaw art classes in four kindergartens in Seoul and collected 1,200 drawings by children between the ages of five and seven. After pouring through them, he carefully selected 17 drawings and interpreted their meanings. Then he recruited 60 high school students by passing out handbills at their schools in which he invited them to act out the scenarios in the children’s drawings. In order to recreate faithfully drawing details such as dresses with uneven sleeves or buttons of different sizes, he convinced five fashion designers to custom make the clothing for the photo shoot. He also made props unlike any scale found in reality but similar to those in the drawings.


"Snow White", Yeondoo Jung, 2004

"Sleeping Beauty", Yeondoo Jung, (2004)

"Rabbit Family Hopping Around", Yeondoo Jung, (2006)

"Princes Twins", Yeondoo Jung, (2004)

"Mother's Garden", Yeondoo Jung, (2004)

"Miss Sparkle Sprinkles the Magic", Yeondoo Jung, (2005)

"The Magician Turned the Wale into a Flower.", Yeondoo Jung, (2004)

"Afternoon Nap", Yeondoo Jung, (2004)

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  1. aparnanairphotography ⋅

    Amazing. What a unique concept.

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