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Like Slim Shady, I’m Back!!

Sorry Guys,  Life Got in the way.

So yeah, I’m back. I know it’s been a while but like that dude off of criminal minds said, “life is a heck of a thing to happen to a person.” 😀

The Good news Is that I have not stopped working and creating artwork during this intermission.

So lets just start!

To get the ball rolling, I’ve completed the “Doodle Book” or my painting sketchbook for My Painting Class. I will post pictures from the book later.

The important thing to know,  is that after all this time I’m still getting used to water colors. And though I’ve learned alot over the months I still find myself frustrated with the results of my labors. Oh, well. I’ll Just have to keep putting my best foot forward.

The other thing to note is that I have finally cracked the code that is my teachers grading system (insert dramatic spy music here). Which cmeans better grades for me in the class. Yea!

Next on my list of catch-up and make-up is the project following the mixed media post. Our teacher had us do a one class sitting painting. This means we only got two hours. Also it was meant to be monochromatic. So we painted in white and we were to pick another darker color (ie. purple, black, brown) to use. This painting was both harder and easier than I thought. My (i wouldn’t say fears but) concerns going into this piece were that (1) it was in acrylic, and I’m not that familiar with the medium, (2) the time restraint, and three she wanted us to go from darkest value to lightest and we could not go back to the previous value.

This is my group's still life

In the end however was the size, it made me obsessive over the little tings because the smaller scale seemed to bring more attention to the small discrepancies withing the painting. It helped that everyone was just as frustrated as I. Many, took brakes and circled the room to view others’ take on the assignment. The most interesting thing is that everyone interpreted the instruction’s differently and therefore the projects were wide and varied in style and approach.

So yeah, Ta Da!!!!

My personal approch was to take here litteraly, and so the darkest plane I saw in the still life was the space behind the table. For this reason I started by painting my whole canvas black. (I got a lot of raised eybrow’s by my neghbors.) As we could only sketch with paint and not pencil I then began the tedius process of laying out my shape and useing diffent values to bring it into a 3-D picture plane. The haredest part was keeping my bottle neck from becoming crooked or tilting one way or the other. Also I chose to omit one of the bottles, because one was enough of a challenge.


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