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With a Brand New Rap.

This is a follow up post to “Like Slim Shady, I’m Back”

So last in my desperate attempt to catch up for lost time. I want to show you the final project for my painting class. It was a major undertaking but I feel really proud that I brought it to an acceptable level of completion.

It took, or I should say we only got, three weeks to work on it. There were many subjects we could have chosen for our project: new worlds (were we make up an imaginary lands), a puppet show, a video showing the movement of fluid media, circus posters, and I ‘m sure there were more but at this late juncture I really can not remember.

I choose the “new worlds” idea. I was inspired by Bosh (painter of “The Garden of Earthly Delights”). Not only by his strange portrayal of landscaping but also his idea of telling a story of consequences, cause and effect, through a triptych.

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I set up still lives and, reaseared alot of ideas-everything from atmospereic perspective to Dr. Suess.

But my basic idea was simple, moving from freedom to conformity, in three picture planes, making sure that they all flowed into each other.

The panel we see free creatures moving and living amongst themselves, the final panel shows machinist theory and conformity and the middle panel shows the conflict between the two. Also my characters get progressively simplified as they move towards conformity. The biggest challenge I faced with this project was the medium, acrylic. But other then that it was an issue of time management.


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