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Bad Art is still Art

The dude in this video defends Bad art. This links into my own exploration of what art is.

I’ve already done a post on the MOBA or Museum of Bad Art so I won’t go into detail but here you go, more bad art.

[Video Description]

“Sep 1995
The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA), USA presents a new phenomenon in art. Clad in black tie, art enthusiasts gather in a forest to view a ‘bold new collection that celebrates artistic flops, failures and foul ups.’ Their intention is to challenge the concept of ‘fine art’. With his collection already available on CD ROM, the curator, Scott Wilson, likes to salvage rare pieces from the rubbish bin. The canvas of a formidable grandmother hovering on a chair in the middle of a daisy field, entitled ‘Lucy in the Field with Flowers’, is MOBA’s answer to the ‘Mona Lisa’. Wilson claims that the Museum has given failure a new found respect.”


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