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I wanted to have more research available on this artist but all I could find was this.

“Tae Soo (Su) is a Guest Artist in New Caricature Drawing Book by Anthony Geoffroy, preview it at

Tae Su begun to shape his skills in the field of caricature and illustration in 2005. Tao initially specialized in Fine Art Sculpture at Hong-ik University when a sudden encounter with Jan Op De Beeck’s illustration book changed everything. The book inspired and motivated Tao to work on his caricature skills.

In the early stages, Tao’s work was mostly done digitally using Adobe Photoshop software, however for exhibition purposes he started experimenting with various digital and traditional techniques which allowed a higher degree of freedom and completion. In 2009, one of Tao’s caricature pieces was showcased at an Art Exhibition in South Korea and he never looked back, year after year Tao’s magnificent pieces are on display at exhibits where he often wins best of shows.

Tao’s caricature style is ‘exaggerated portrait’, making ones self more like ones self. His work is not merely deformation of surface to strive for humour or reflect current social situation, it superbly emphasizes the model’s inner side by brining out individuality perceived by the eyes of this brilliant artist, that is the key that makes his portraits so fantastic and lifelike. Moreover, instead of using expressive technique, Taoe focuses on expressing details of model using knowledge of human anatomy acquired from studying sculpture during his undergraduate years. While working on various pieces for exhibition purposes, Tao is a devoted high school art teacher and devotes his life to teaching young eager students. More recently you can find him working on detailed pencil drawings and oil paintings.

Tae is available for commissions. Please contact him via the following points of contact. Facebook:

Artist Tip: Have confidence in the world of your own art work but at the same time have objective view of yourself, this seems to be the key for any artists.

Favorite Quote: “wishing to survive will die but wishing to die will survive” ~General Lee Soon Sin (In Joseon dynasty(from1392 to 1910) during the battle with Japanese invaders)”


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