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Yoko Ono! …Yeah That Got Your Attention Didn’t It.

Today boys and girls we will be discussing Performance Art. I’m writing this post because personally I don’t get it. That is to say that I do not understand how to comprehend it in an academic sense. So this is more about my own thirst for learning on the subject.

But Just because we’re learning, who said we couldn’t have fun.

I bet you didn’t know that Yoko Ono was known for more than her marriage to a certain Beatle. She also preformed one of the most well known acts Performance Art.

“This video is solely for academic assessment purposes – specifically Monash University’s JRN2201 Online Journalism unit, Semester 1 (2010). I put together this video by combining original interview material with non-original footage of Yoko Ono’s iconic “Cut Piece” performance art and non-original music (all of which have been credited within the video). The performance took place at Carnegie Hall in 1965.”

“This was a performance art piece I did for an assignment with the objective of creating a spectacle. I did this in Pioneer Square in Portland, right across from the Nordstrom. I didn’t get it all shaved off but since I only had a beard trimmer I think I got pretty far.

EDIT 12/20/07: Wow I’ve had a lot of attention from this piece. I thought I would supply a bit more information since I’ve had a lot of questions come in about it.

To clarify the project, this was an assignment for an alternative art class I was taking. It was the first in a series of performance projects we had to complete. I suspect the idea of creating a spectacle is the easiest and hardest thing to do for someone who is not a performer, which I am not. Because it was a test, I tried to think of the most uncomfortable thing I could do in public, and save for standing around naked, this was what I came up with.

I think the idea of a spectacle as art is that even if it has no message, it breaks up the daily routines of other people. To paraphrase the artist David Eckard, the most exciting thing about performance art is thinking about what gets said at the dinner table by those who saw it.

What people were saying…
*The couple in black asked me if I was supporting a cause, and wanted to know what it was. When I told them there was no reason they said they would stand with me if I had.
*The woman walking by at 2:58 complimented me on my skirt.
*The young man who approaches me on the left asked me if I was an artist, to which I responded no. He said he thought what I was doing was art anyway, and gave me a CD he was distributing for a friend’s band.
*The group of three, who you can hear a little in the video, asked me why I was cutting my hair. I told them no reason (the woman saying “for fun” is my professor) The girl asked me how long it used to me and I told her not as long as hers.

Regarding the reactions of people…

There were several people who were out of the cameras view because they stood almost directly in front of me. They would watch very calmly and say nothing for 2-5 minutes before heading off on their way. I liked them the best. They seemed so polite.

Most of the people who gawked at me I did not notice while I cut my hair, and I only saw them after I watched the video.

On a final note, the aftermath of shaving my head has been great. Every week my hair grows out and looks cooler than it did the previous week. It’s way more comfortable to have short hair!”

I mean I gotta say Proformance Art is pretty weird. I mean it can be from the abstract….

….to the really bizarre

…..and mildly disturbing.

This next video is all three!

Watch as the artist Tiny performs his version of the “The Other Side”. The person who posted this video on You Tube, , wrote  “I can only imagine what the kids were thinking.” This is his commentary on Global Warming.


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