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It’s All Fun and Games

The very last project my professor had me do this semester was to make a board game. It could be your personal take on an old classic or it could be an entirely new idea brought into the world by your own imagination.

I decided to make my own game.

I love card games, therefore, inspired I made a card game.

I made a card game version of the “game” we students play.  The “I’m-More-Stressed-Than-You” game.

I started by decided what my rules were to be.

  1. Each player is delt five cards
  2. players add up the value of their cards
  3. the one with the larges “stress” wins the book
  4. at the end of the game, the player with the most books wins the game.

The game is simple. I had 4 suits and 8 cards, some of which had negative values.

No two cards had the same stressor.  I created a spread sheet in excel to make sure that I kept everything strait and did not get confused when creating the cards. I designed to suit icons in Illustrator and hand wrote the stressors on the cards in black pen after I printed them out. Because I was running low on ink when I printed out he cards on card stock, instead of a solid black border It gave the images striated borders, none of which were identical. I liked it though so I kept the cards that way.

We were given a week for this project and at the end of the assignment we all played each other’s games. It was a fun last day of class.

It was suggested to me that instead of playing to get the highest stressor I should play the game so that the person who gets closes to zero wins (as I have negative valued cards). I  designed the cards like playing cards so that if I wanted to change the way to play it was easily possible.


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