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Non-Drying Clay and Natural Light

This post is kinda late. Luckily, I  took good notes during  the process and discussion.

So…some weeks ago in my sculpture class. We were given a block of what I thought was clay but was actually a product called “Plasticine.”

The assignment was to create two non-representational figures, making sure to create harmony between the two figures. in essence they should dialogue.

The assignment

After we finished the creation process….

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….we were to draw and write about our findings.

Below are both my written findings and drawn observations.

written findings on the back of assignment worksheet

I had a lot of fun with this project it really reminded me of  elementary school, in that we were playing around with clay. During my creation of my pieces I did not know where to start. I was stumped so I started to just play around with curves because I found the organic nature of this more pleasing and easier to maintained than manufactured corners. I also wanted to create interesting contrasts betwen negative and positive spaces, as well as, lights and darks. I was pretty happy with my final product.

studies of Plasticine figures; blue ballpoint pen

My classmates took diffrent approches. 

Victoria’s work could be described as:

  • rough
  • haphasured
  • organic 
  • rocky


Belenda’s work:

  • reminiscent of  (roman) ruins; i.e. the collicem
  • she created a narrative with her work
  • I as the viewer felt that her work was a comentatry on infastructre vs. nature
  • It was very architectural.


Pheobe’s work:

  • created great contrast and experimented with very rough texture.


Shayla’s work could be described as

  • contrasting in texture
  • luscious curves
  • mimicked fabric in it’s shape and folds
  • luxuriousness buttery texture
  • rythmeic curves and lines

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