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The Hills are Alive, Just like Maria I Make Outfits Out of Drapes

Professor assigned the next major project …


The Mission: Warable, recycled art.

The Deadline: The Earth Day Parade.

The Timeline: Three Weeks.


I was once again concerned for this project, surprisingly not about the deadline. I don’t have a car and I did not know how I was going to find enough material to make a compelling and stunning (wearable) work of art.

Then it hit me.

I’ll use old clothes, old sheets and cloth.

Now I just needed an Idea. What to make…What to make.

I finally decided to go with a costume like piece. I designed a dress inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. It was inspired both by the  movie “Hello Dolly” as well as Victorian fashions.

I gathered my supplies through scavenger around and imideatly got to work. I cut diffrent shirts and peices alond lines and seems I wanted to keep. My original intention was to sew the whole thing together using a sewing machine. The mechine itself gave me probles due to missing screws and malfuntionaing needles. I decided then to go on the blod decesion to hot glue the whole peice together. If I kept messing with the sewing machine, I would not meet the deadline

The project moved relatively smoothly for me. It was a lot of trial and error but overall, the end product is what I saw in my head. I am very happy with it.


My favorite part of this dress is the back made from converses to make up the corset back.



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