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Your Project Doesn’t Have Legs

My professor told us “You’re going to build a table.”  “like… A real table I ask, with wood?!?”

It’s a good thing I trust her, beacause honestly, I did not know if I could build an actual piece of functional furniture.

Verily, I began to sketch out a plan of attack.

And yeah, I got carried away. so I simplified.

This one even had measurements.

Onward, we followed our fearless leader into the unknown, and through the aisles of Home Depot, to buy cheep wood and began our project.

The first hurdle was to figure out how to use the chop saw. Thought I am very handy, and good with tools, I have never used anything bigger than a sander. I had to get over my fear of having my hand chopped off. The good thing is now I am confident with big bulky power tools like the belt sander and the saw, which I have gone on to use in my later projects.

This project took about a month. I learned to go with the flow, becuase I messed up many, many, many times(and that was with, measuring and marking precisely).

I cut one of the legs to short, I at one time made notches were I was to connect the legs to the base on the wrong side of the leg. The belt sander is very heavy, and with my small stature i was afraid that I would be at it’s mercy…. in the end however, I prevailed.

One feels very accomplished when one builds something with one’s own hands.

But overall I was happy with the finished project.,

Yes it is level, stable, and functional. I’m very proud of it!!

At the end of all the labor, my professor asked us to give three concepts on sample peices of wood of what kind of artistic finish we thought would complement and personalize our peice.

As you can see above in the picture there are two of my ideas, The rings were done with, tea rings and the graffiti with sharpie.

Here is the last sample which I had misplaced until recently.

The idea behind my concepts were to take things that already congregated or ended up on teh tables and to make the a part of the design instead of trying to cover them up and conceal them. So…papers, water rings, writing and ink marks.


I really enjoyed this project I learned alot bout construction, alot about myself (what i’m capable of); I gained so valuable practical skills.  Now instead of buying a bookcase I know I can make one.

This was a great learning experience.


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