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Don’t Call it a Comeback

So new year, new classes new teachers. Nothing that exciting going on yet, but I am excited for new and upcoming projects. Today we took a tour of the different pieces of art located and dispersed about my campus..well, okay we really only looked at eight of them. We are to do a visual analysis project on one of the pieces of art we visited today (or I guess yesterday as it is now midnight-ish). The Visual Analysis project is where we do a visual analysis on one of the art pieces in the Agnes Scott College collection (which we toured today) and then present a four-minute public presentation on the same work.

Viewing the works we visited today, it was nothing I was unfamiliar with but generally these works are overlooked and ignored as they are placed in very public and widely used spaces, not on confined to the gallery.  There were many works that piqued my interest and overall I did enjoy the fairly easy-going and informative class time. I can tell I will be really busy this year.

Anyway, here’s something fun to start the year off on…

Uploaded by on Nov 15, 2009 on You Tube


“I wanted to make a piece of art from the many spools of VHS tape I’ve acquired. Sesame street and movies on VHS are two things I used to watch a lot of growing up. With the recent 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, I wanted to combine the two somehow. Here is the result.”

Music: Sesame Street opening theme


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