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A Collective Sigh of Relief

(originally written October 9, 2012)

Today we had our actual art talks the culmination of our research and verbal exhibition of our Visual Analysis Papers. It feels like a burden has been unyoked from my neck. This is not to say that I did not learn anything; I learned a lot about myself and my artist.

The presentations took place before the actually meeting of the class. We also were to dress professionally during these talks, which helped to lend to the authority we were trying to project during the talks.

Our actually class today was used as a reflection of our experience of the Visual Analysis Project as well as to discuss our ideas for the Collections Project (doughnuts may or may not have been provided).

So reflectively, I learned  a lot. It was an intense academic exercise in scholarly writing. Editing and re-writing was a definite part of this project. Although only two pages, this paper was the most challenging out of the eleven or so that I’ve written in the last month. In the end I had about 17 art journal articles (two of which were interviews with my artist), four library books and two websites cited as sources.  My works consulted page is eight pages long. As for the actual talk, I was not worried so much about the actually talks  so much as the content of my talk. I was worried about going on tangents and if all of my content was correct (rightfully so when I saw my rubric back from the practice talks).

Finally let me quickly say my idea for the Collection Project. My idea is “Trolls”. Referencing those people (generally online) who say or do things to incite a reaction(generally negative) from other people. I’m in the process of looking for artist to included in my project; Kruger will probably be involved.


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