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Art Art Everywhere

But Not a Drop to Drink

(originally written September 29, 2012)

I was absent last class but today we had another field trip (Yea!). We met with Louis Corrigan, serious art collector and founder of Flux( a large free and  public art festival in Atalanta), at his place of work, Kingsfort Management Agency. Artwork covered every available surface of the office building.

Mr. Corrigan gave us a tour of his office–four stories of paintings, photographs, and collages from floor to ceiling. We saw so much there that there is not enough time for me to go into all of it in great detail, however, I will say that I really enjoyed this field trip. I found myself really inspired to do more artwork on my own after I got back home; I was really inspired and have been coming up with a lot of ideas in my head for new ventures. Just standing in that space (Corrigan’s office space) was both informative and energizing.

As we were exciting I asked Mr. Corrigan if his collection spilled over from his house into his work space (the answer was yes) because it is obvious that he collects for the love of the work and not only for their intrinsic monetary value.

I really want my house to have art displayed like he had at his job office. It will go well with the huge library I plan to have.


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