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Don’t Copy Me

Yes We Are All Still Five.

(originally posted September 14, 2012)

It is a happy accident that I found an article this week involving Kruger. It is interesting to note however that she is in a bit of hot water though. Once again the  citation for this article is at the end of this post.

” In early 2001, a copyright infringement suit was mounted against Barbara Kruger and other defendants, stemming from her appropriation of  a photographic image.”

The firs thing to note if you know nothing about Barbara Kruger is that her work (or at least as for as I have researched) involves a collage like style where she takes found images and combines them with text to make her artwork. It is not odd that she has appropriated the image in the first place; it is part of her process.

The case focuses on Krugers 1990 work Untitled (it’s a small world but not if you have to clean it)  and the image in question is a 1960 image by Thomas  Hoepker, a German photographer. The article goes on to explain the technicalities of the case, and in the end we found out that the court ruled that Kruger’s piece was an original work and that she was not guilty of copyright infringement. It just goes to show that even famous, successful people can still be sued for retroactive claims. Mostly I found this article interesting because it involved the artist I am currently researching, and it is a good think to know for future reference, a fun fact if you will.


Boucher, Brian. “The Art of the Sign.” Art in America 100, no. 9 (2012): 28. (accessed August 7, 2012).


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