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Just Do It

It’s a Cliche, But Nike has a point.

(originally written October 3, 2012)

Yesterday we had run-thoughs for our Visual Analysis Project art talks. A four-minute presentation on our assigned artwork, from the Agnes Scott Collection, using our written papers as a jumping off point. I was  assigned Barbara Kruger’s Untitled” (Everything Will Be Okay).

“Untittled” (Everything Will Be Okay) by Barbara Kruger


Yesterday’s class was fairly straight forward, but as I was absent for the first run-through I felt woefully behind. If I did not know that already however, it was painfully apparent from the comments (though constructive) I had a lot to work on. I later went to my professor to clarify what those things were more specifically.

I went second in the line-up so I did not have a lot of reference or examples before I did my presentation.

I know what I will be doing this weekend–a lot of revising.


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