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Political Art in Election Season

(originally written September 30, 2012)

This article jumped off the page at me. It was an intense flashback and review of both the past election in 2004 and the upcoming election. This article Political Art in Election Season (as always citation for the article is at the bottom of this post) by Cathy Lebowiz was a fun and energetic read about the mass proliferation of political themed art in modern elections. Which I believe is a very solid observation, I have noticed this but I never sat down and really considered the mass amounts of art made during political election years. While we as consumers are more familiar with political cartoons I don’t think we really consider the amounts of “real” artwork out there is currently heavy with a political focus. I would even garner to say that with Present Barack Obama in office currently in conjunction with this upcoming election, that the  amount of political satire and artwork has skyrocketed.

The article goes on to name specific works of art and exhibitions fully focused on politics. It was really a lot of food for thought interesting that this article is still valid almost a decade later.


LebowiZ, Cathy . “Political Art in Election Season.” Art in America 92, no. 9 (2004): 3. (accessed September 30, 2012).

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