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Weak Economy, Strong Art

So, what is the article Weak Economy, Strong Art about? Well here’s an excerpt:

“Economic catastrophe does not afflict ali art equally. While the overheated prices for works
by Damien Hirst and others are now tumbling, a number of biue-chip artists are holding value,
having been relatively unaffected by speculation in the market run-up of the last five years. Sure
bets—classic works by Picasso. Matisse, Léger, Pollock, de Kooning and Rothko—transcend
market fluctuations and a weak economy, and there are still artists who remain undervalued.

(Citation at the end of this post)

This article is only one page put it goes into specific detail about some artist (and it names some specifically  are weathering the economic downturn fairly well despite it’s effects on other communities and the rest of the majority of the country.

It made me smile.

Often as an art major I get asked the question of ” What do you plan to do with that degree?” The fact that many established artist are doing well despite the financial situation just brightened my day.


Berwick, Carly. “Weak Economy, Strong Art.” Art in America 97, no. 2 (2009): 28. (accessed October 5, 2012).

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