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Yams Kiss the Ceiling

(originally written September 24)

While looking for a different Art in this art Journal I came across instead an article about Fred Holland.

Excerpt from article:


“trained as a painter at the
Columbus College of Art & Design in
Ohio, Fred Holland spent his early career
as a choreographer and performer,
dancing with, among others, the Zero
Moving Dance Company and Meredith
Monk before returning to the visual arts
in the 1990s. Recognized at the outset
for art that focuses on issues of racial
identity, Holland has since produced a
less overt, more metaphorical body of
sculptural installations that take up the
themes of death and rebirth.”

The article (citation at bottom of the post), entitled Fred Holland,I a short basic exhibition review. It is really interesting because although it tells about a specific installations,  it also goes into other kinds of work Holland has done and I have come to the conclusion that he is a very odd man. Using materials like yams,animal organs and chicken feet commingled with man-made materials to make sculptures and installations and positioning them in odd places like bathrooms, “kissing the ceilings, perched high in corners, or suspended from rubber straps over the reception desk” it becomes apparent rather quickly that he is an odd ball.

I like odd ball though. I enjoyed this article (and its pictures) and I think I have found a new artist to research.


King, Sarah S.. “Fred Holland.” Art in America 98, no. 5 (2010): 154. (accessed September 24, 2012).

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