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Color Me Bad

Originally written October 18, 2012

Today Lisa Alembik came to talk to us about her personal creative process. This lecture is one of many in the series of talks given to our class on the different processes people have. So far including this one by Lisa we have had three. I have noted how each speaker’s process differs from each other. Some creative processes are very delineated and thought out, others like Nell Ruby, are more have a concept but ultimately go with the flow of what’s happening.

The  best apart of today was that Lisa went over color theory with us and we painted for the last half of her time with us. She went over the way different hues of color create different color combinations. For example Cadmium Red combined with a yellow hue, would make a completely different orange than the a different shade of red with that same yellow hue used before.

All in all it was a fun day. I had fun playing with paints, It made me think of finger painting in preschool.


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