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Hoop Scoop

originally written November 29, 20012

This short artical in the “Art Talk” section of the February 2011 Artnews journal, talks about the Project called “THe Art of Basketball.” The NBA (National Basketball Association) invited well-known street artist to transform the backborards of some basketball hoops. Artist including Dash, Sofia, Maldonado, Cope3, and Billy the Kid are some of the people involved jsut to name a few. The backboards were all shown in Miami in December 20111 and there are rumors of future exhibions in the works.

Apparently the point of this project was to show kids in impoverished or not ideal situations that art and basketball can be a way out and off the streets.

Marinucci, Peter. “Hoop Scoop.” ARTNewsFebruary (2011): 21. Print.


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