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Originally written October 30, 2012

Today was a work day. Today my professor used this day to talk to the us about how we were during academically in the class, and where we could improve. I was worried untill I actually saw my midterm grade. It urns out I am doing better that I thought I was.

After that class discussion , my professor then went over the proper way to format formal invitational letter for people you wan to invite to events you are planning or hosting. We need to know this skill for the final project, but it is also a good life skill to know. SHe showed us the proper format for these letters on a PowerPoint, and I took notes.

For our final project we are responsible for producing and curating a hypothetical exhibition. At which we will have a hypothetical panel of speakers. We need to know how to format formal invitations so that we can pretend to invite person of interest to speak at our symposium.

Again I took notes but I’m glad she’s going to email us the template.


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