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Separating the Trees from the Forrest

originally written on November 2, 2012

Today I read a short article in the 2011 Summer ARTnews journal titled Separating the Trees from the Forrest. This article talks about Alon Sonfist, mostly in the way of how nature has inspired and informed his work. More than the traditional idea of nature in art, Sonfist really puts himself out there. Literally hugging trees, creating large scale nature sculptures, taking photographs of his hands mimicking the shape of dead leaves; the man is seriously obsessed.

That being said, I like him. He inccorperates nature in intrsing and invavate ways that are non tradinall, still lives and landscapes. He really throws himself into his medium.

Got to give the man credit. He is dedicated.

Landi, Ann. “Separating the Trees from the Forrest.” ARTNews Summer (2011): 74-76. Print.

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