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There Is No Spoon

Originally written on October 19, 2012

The article Making 3D color talks about Latin American artist Carloz Cruz-Diez and his ability to make full works of art and installation by simplifying color down to its purist elements.

In his installations of a Chromosaturation installed at the Miami Art Museum he plays with colored light creating interesting optical illusions.

“You see Yellow? Yet there is no yellow in this work, none at all. You see yellow because, when the blue hits the black, that is the effect on the retina,” Cruse explains.

Cruz is known for isolation this effect on the easel, such as with his work Intuction cromatique: Blue + noire=jaune. “A pivotal figure in Latin American abstraction,” Cruiz uses materials such as corrugated cardboard and aluminum tubes. Often his work will look like one color from one angle and another color form a different angle.

He has works in airports around the world  and galleries in at least eight different counties support his work. He is known in addition to his mastery of color theory, his “heroic” size sculptures

Anyway cool guy. I found this article interesting because it reminded me of how pixilation works in television; While the color theory is not the same it’s similar.


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