Greek Revival

This article talks about an art history teacher, Katherine Schwab, a professor at the University  of Connecticut. She conducted an experiment involving the intricate hairstyles displayed by early greek sculptures. ” They could not have been sculpted out of thin air” she is quoted to say.

She asked some of her female art students to volunteer to have their hair braided intricately to resemble the sculptures. This process took about seven hours in total. There were six subjects, all of whom had different yet equally intense hairstyles.

Apparently the hairstyle said not last long after the humidity go to them, but I find it cool that this teacher would go through all this work just to engage her students.

Brown, Jenny. “Greek Revival.” ARTNewsFebruary (2011): 28. Print.


I Made It!

originally written December 6, 2012

Yes!! I survived my  art presentation. I did not sleep and all of my fingers are glued together with Elmer’s glue, but I’ve never been so proud of myself. I knew my subject and articulated it to my audience. On top of that I finished my model of the exhibition space on time.

Again I’m proud of myself. THis presentation was not my only presentation today; i had two however I did well on both on them.

I still don’t know what exactly I’ve learned for this experiences, except maybe the importance of time management, however maybe the point of the project is to discover what you are capable of.

I feel so accomplished!!

I’ve never hated Elmer’s Glue So Much

Originally written December 4, 2012

So our final presentation for our project is due next class time. Needless to say I spent, as did my classmates, the class period working on my to scale model fo my exhibit space.

I’ve never hated Elmer’s Glue so much. I have not finished my model, however i did manage to glue all my fingers to each other. I will probably be working on it tomorrow to catch up.

The good news is that I have finally decided on a space and have already drawn out the schematics, it pays to have an engineer in the family.

Hoop Scoop

originally written November 29, 20012

This short artical in the “Art Talk” section of the February 2011 Artnews journal, talks about the Project called “THe Art of Basketball.” The NBA (National Basketball Association) invited well-known street artist to transform the backborards of some basketball hoops. Artist including Dash, Sofia, Maldonado, Cope3, and Billy the Kid are some of the people involved jsut to name a few. The backboards were all shown in Miami in December 20111 and there are rumors of future exhibions in the works.

Apparently the point of this project was to show kids in impoverished or not ideal situations that art and basketball can be a way out and off the streets.

Marinucci, Peter. “Hoop Scoop.” ARTNewsFebruary (2011): 21. Print.


Originally written November 29, 2012

Today we help to de-install the Exhibition. We acted like Santa’s little elves and basically just fit in where we were needed. I feel that it was fast due to all the people involved. I can’t say that I learned how to de-install an exhibition because I used to work at an art gallery, but I did appreciate the practice. You can never be too competent.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Through Cats Back at It

Originally written November 22, 2012

I did not go to class this week because of Thanksgiving, but I felt that I should post a journal entry anyway.

I laughed all the way through this article. Voina, or translated into the russian “war,” is an avant garde slash vigilante art group who are known for the sometimes shocking often times scandalous art–everything form having sex in public to pelting McDonald’s servers with live cats. They are defiantly some hellraisers.

Opposed to everything contemporary Russian life, these three persons are determined to fight the power.

Currently at the time of this article “Provocations and Punishments” found in the June 2011 Artnews Journal, they were in some big trouble. Get this, they painted a 213 ft penis on a draw bridge. I really had to laugh at that. I’m sure there is  some political/artistic significance of this but all I could think about was the bridge “rising and falling”.

The best part is it only took them 23 seconds to paint.  The phallus faces the headquarters of the FSB, formerly the KGB (I don’t think it is a coincidence).THis art piece “A Dick Jailed by the FSB” might cost them not only hefty fines, but also a lot of jail time.

But I don’t know…I kind of think it might have been worth it.

Narins, John William. “Provocations and Punishments.” ARTNews June (2011): 44-45. Print.